The Wellie Wagon Gives Back

Wellie Photo ShootYou probably saw the side effects viagra long term use ubiquitous bright yellow and blue van called the Wellie Wagon all over San Francisco for the past 10 weeks.

This mobile cialis and methamphetamine van sold rubber boots throughout the city, so San Franciscans would have dry feet during the rainy season.

Tretorn picked NPC as their charity of choice and donated $1 for every pair sold at the Wellie Wagon. During Earth week, the company released a new color generic cialis boot and gave $10 per pair to our nonprofit. We’re happy to say that with Tretorn’s Twitter feed letting people know about their location and SFer’s hatred for soggy socks, NPC will be viagra over the counter canada receiving a donation of nearly $400!

The company also donated Wellies to NPC staff members so when we’re at workdays our feet will not get dampened either.

Not only did Tretorn support NPC with a donation, but the Wellie Wagon staff helped risks of viagra clean up Warm Water Cove Park with the Green Trust along the Blue Greenway during Earth day. Thank asian girl in viagra commercial you, Wellie Wagon for visiting San Francisco!

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