NPC’s Playground Donation Challenge

Monkey BarsOde to our playgrounds

Every morning, kids on summer vacation arise
Looking forward to a day to romp and catch butterflies

A day at the playground is what’s in store
Sunny days in San Francisco are never a bore

Monkey bars, slides, sand pits and swings…
My how all the children and parents love those things

Imagine your day without the park
We would feel like we’re all in the dark

Thanks to NPC, our playgrounds are clean, safe and fun
The Playground Initiative makes sure to get the job done

Playgrounds are in need
So, do us the deed and donate to our match
Your gift will be doubled within a flash!

Imagine this. Your child’s playground is clean, safe and beautiful. There are no foreign objects in the sand, the swings don’t have missing chains and you are not afraid to take your children to the park anymore. All children deserve a safe and enjoyable place to play.

NPC’s Playground Initiative works with the community to improve unsafe playgrounds by hosting clean-up days and events. With the help of the Recreation and Park Department and local volunteers, the Playground Initiative surveys all the playgrounds in the city to raise awareness on specific parks in need. The 2010 Report Card was published in April 2010 at NPC’s annual Play Day.

While certain playgrounds face challenges, Neighborhood Parks Council pulled together and achieved some stunning successes; through our efforts failing play structures at Balboa, Franklin and Rossi parks have been replaced with Dolores and West Sunset parks breaking ground in the summer. Hard work, dedication, critical timing, and donations from supporters like you – NPC was able to respond to unparalleled opportunities.

Today we’re facing the kind of challenge we like. A generous grant from Mimi and Peter Haas Fund will match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Help us provide 365 days of services around the City – one day at a time – by supporting a playground.

$100 will ensure each playground in San Francisco is evaluated for safety hazards and prioritized for any needed repairs


allows NPC to plan a volunteer work day at a dilapidated playground to improve its condition

$500 gives NPC the ability to start a park group at a run-down playground to help transform it for the whole community

Remember, your gift will qualify for the match and double in value, so please give as generously as you can.

Please contact us at with any questions or click here to make your contribution.

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