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December 2010

December 23:  San Francisco Privatizing Park Clubhouses | Bay Citizen

December 17: Rec and Park to feel deficit squeeze | SF Gate

December 12: Mayor tackles violence in SF parks | SF Examiner

December 4: San Francisco Park and Rec did right at Stow Lake | SF Gate

December 3: Rec and Park directors vote to oust recycling center and long-time Stow Lake vendor | SF Gate

December 3: Haight Recycling Center Given 30 Days as Rec and Park Opts for Community Garden | KQED News

December 2: Haight recycling a fight for soul of SF? Nah | SF Gate

December 2: Rec and Park leaders look for ways to save money | ABC News

December 2: San Franciscans resist park revenue plan |

December 2: Recreation and Park Department seeks new ways to close deficit | SF Public Press

December 2: Privatizing the parks | SF Bay Guardian

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November 2010

November 29: Give Rec & Park a piece of your mind about our park | Glen Park Association

November 28: Park project moves ahead as others idle | SF Examiner

November 26: SF residents go green versus green in turf battle | KGO

November 25: Parks set for payday from fund to spruce up open spaces | SF Examiner

November 22: EPA awards $175,000 to remediate Bayview open space | SF Examiner

November 20: The Neighborhood Clubhouse Conundrum | SFRPD Blog

November 18: Panhandle Park Stewards Honored As “Outstanding Park Volunteer Group” | BIKE NOPA

November 17: Bocce courts are champion in local hiring | SF Examiner

November 15: Get ready for bocce ball | SF Gate

November 14: Pop a wheelie in McLaren Park | SF Examiner

November 12: Proposed Park at 17th and Folsom Receives Grant | Mission Loc@l

November 11: AT&T Park to Candlestick Point path planned | SF Gate

November 11: SF Neighborhood Parks Council Gets $175K Grant for Eastern Shoreline Development | SF Appeal

November 11: Golden Gate Park?  There’s an App for That | NBC Bay Area

November 9: Burger King at Dolores Park? It Could Have Happened | NBC Bay Area

November 8: McDonald’s Solicited by City Hall for Dolores Park | Uptown Almanac

November 7: What the click do you think about your parks | SF Examiner

November 6: San Francisco Park and Rec Needs Your Support | Associated Content

November 5: The City’s parks are honor roll | SF Examiner

November 5: Editorial: San Francisco Parks Need Your Help | Potrero View

November 5: The case for food carts in San Francisco parks | SF Gate

November 3: SF Park User Survey Launched | Mission Loc@l

November 1: Marina Green food truck proposal rolls on | Marina Times

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October 2010

October 28: Disc-golf impact under review | SF Examiner

October 28: Making Public Service Work From Home | U.S. News

October 27: This one’s for the birds | SF Gate

October 26: Jumping Through S.F. Rec and Park Hoops for Party | SF Gate

October 25: Change to Marina plan irks residents | SF Examiner

October 25: First town hall with park people this weekend | SF Examiner

October 24: The apprentice comes to San Francisco parks | SF Gate

October 21: Dolores Park Food Truck Plan Draws Ire | The Bay Citizen

October 20: Tonight: Tour Proposed New Public Spaces with Rec & Park | SF Streetsblog

October 20: Blue Bottle wheels deal out of Dolores Park | SF Examiner

October 20: Blue Bottle Out – Democracy or Anarchy? | Mission Loc@l

October 20: Blue Bottle Coffee backs out of Dolores Park deal | SF Gate

October 19: Park closing time gains supporters | SF Examiner

October 19: Change is Afoot at the Lake Merced Boathouse | Ocean Beach Bulletin

October 19: Noe Valley park needs city’s help | SF Examiner

October 15: Website Monitors SF Park Health | NBC Bay Area

October 10: New food trucks to be located on the Marina Green at Scott Street | Marina Times

October 8: Blue Bottle coffee cart brawl goes on | SF Examiner

October 8: Reclaiming Laurel Hill Park for native plants | SF Gate

October 7: Vandals damage Golden Gate Park golf course | SF Gate

October 7: Extra potties for Mission Dolores Park | SF Gate

October 6: Will Porta-Potties Stop Pee Pushups at Dolores Park? | Mission Loc@l

October 5: City spinning its wheels on GG Park windmill | SF Examiner

October 1: Garfield Park Faces Challenges | Mission Loc@l

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September 2010

September 30: Scan and Deliver: An online tool for San Francisco park-goers is taking neighborhood parks advocacy to new levels. | Athletic Business

September 26: Mom gets go-ahead for SoMa playground | SF Examiner

September 20: Opponents of Dolores Park Vendor Plan Blame Rec and Park’s Outreach Fail | SF Weekly

September 12: City drinking water goes to waste as open spaces flood | SF Examiner

September 5: Volunteers to provide input on recreation centers | SF Examiner

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August 2010

August 12: SOMA mom pushes playground plan | SF Examiner

August 11: Let’s just drain the Lily Pond and kill all the frogs | SF Weekly

August 9: Treasure Island redevelopment project environmental review to be discussed | SF Examiner

August 9: There could be bocce at Embarcadero’s Justin Herman Plaza by September | SF Examiner

August 8: Park commission: 75-year parking lease seems a little long | SF Examiner

August 8: Redwood tree in Glen Park backyard could be landmarked | SF Examiner

August 5: Board committee approves grant to renovate Dolores Park Playground | SF Examiner

August 5: District candidates might want to brush up on park politics | SF Examiner

August 2: Who’s going to watch the bocce balls? | SF Examiner

August 2: Volunteers: If you let us stay the night, we will clean up Corona Heights Park | SF Examiner

August 2: Police seek more suspects in Dolores Park stabbing | SF Examiner

August 2: Letters from our readers: Windmill inappropriate for Miraloma Park | SF Examiner

August 2: Tour the Presidio maritime hospital-turned apartment complex | SF Examiner

August 1: SF approves giant redevelopment project at Hunters Point Shipyard | SF Gate

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July 2010

July 28: Rec and Park sponsored Antique show coming to Candlestick Park August 15th | SF Examiner

July 27: Workers’ comp strategy saves Rec and Park cash | SF Examiner

July 26: Parks want to celebrate ADA day too | SF Examiner

July 25: Rec and Park issues reward in tree vandalism | SF Examiner

July 23: Killing of 44 Golden Gate Park trees stumps city | SF Gate

July 23: New Mexico vendor picked for Stow Lake concession | SF Gate

July 23: See the urban forest for the trees with free August 14th bus tour | SF Examiner

July 23: Vandals taking out trees in SF parks | CBS 5

July 22: Take advantage of opportunity to make quick fix in your park | SF Examiner

July 22: As festival nears, SF studies new uses for Jerry Garcia Amphitheater |

July 21: Sharp Survives San Francisco’s Budget Battle ; Supes vote-down the Rec & Park Charter Amendment | Fix Pacifica

July 19: Duboce and Dolores Parks to have battling movie nights Sept. 25th | SF Examiner

July 18: More time for public comments at Rec and Park Commission meetings | SF Examiner

July 16: Tree upkeep tough task for limited Rec and Park staff | SF Examiner

July 16: Noe Valley temporary plaza simply wasn’t meant to be | SF Examiner

July 15: Noe Valley Town Square Community Meeting Notes | Noe Valley SF

July 15: Diesel Renders Facebook as a Real-Life Park in Berlin | Advertising Age

July 15: SF Federal Credit Union cleans up Panhandle Playground |

July 15: Mobile food vendors look to expand reach through parks | SF Examiner

July 13: Rec and Park’s new website is close, but not quite it | SF Examiner

July 13: California lawmaker ponders Neverland as state park | SF Gate

July 12: McLaren Park robbery prompts police warning | SF Examiner

July 12: Partisans pack plaza for big World Cup viewing | SF Gate

July 12: Supes will vote on Rec and Park Commission changes | SF Gate

July 11: Friends of Noe Valley to discuss parking lot sale at community meeting July 15th | SF Examiner

July 9: Central Park vs. Prospect Park (NYC) | New York Times

July 8: A perfect pair: ‘Pan’ and parks | SF Gate

July 8: Solar powered “Big Belly” trashcans chomp trash in Dolores Park | SF Examiner

July 8: Sunday Streets comes to the Mission | SF Examiner

July 7: North Beach Library’s future, or new park, hinges on preservation decision | SF Examiner

July 7: Peter Pan at Sue Bierman Park will end in September | SF Gate

July 6: Park patrols stepped up following fatal stabbing in GG Park | SF Examiner

July 6: Splitting up Rec and Park appointments gains big supporters | SF Examiner

July 5: Supervisors consider split rec and park appointments | SF Examiner

July 4: Tour of potential parks planned | SF Examiner

July 1: Toddlers to feel California budget pinch through rec center private rentals | SF Gate

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June 2010

June 29: Parks chief could spawn 34 recreation councils

June 28: Supes to consider Music Concourse parking hike

June 27: Are there any more issues related to the Beach Chalet soccer fields?

June 27: Unearthing rare gems on Mt. Diablo

June 27: Garfield Pool could be open for summer

June 27: Golden Gate Park’s gems are often just a short walk away

June 27: City recreation centers brace for overflow

June 25: Noe Valley Farmer’s Market parking lot edges closer to town square status

June 25: Steep Corona Heights park making strides on new trail

June 25: S.F. rec centers face closure 2 days a week

June 24: Kaboom! playground at Bret Harte Elementary: One year later

June 23: SF Arts Commission seeks artists proposals for Palega Rec Center

June 22: Rec and Park to start charging for garden entry

June 22: Harding Park will continue to operate at a loss

June 21:  Disc golf causing a lot of ruckus now

June 21: Southeast SF Parks Report Card: 3 C’s, 1 B, 1 A

June 21: Protesting protesters: Part 2

June 20: Nearly two dozen community, park groups demand scrutiny of Sharp Park

June 19: Parks meeting to address improvements, challenges

June 18: Park Event Organizers Spoil Appeal Process Proposal

June 18: Outside Lands festival cuts a day, drops prices

June 18: Proposed shakeup of Rec and Park panel debated

June 17: Muriel Leff Park continues improvements; seeks board members

June 17: Newsom: Rec Park measure “solution in search of a problem”

June 17: Newsom asks Board to drop Rec and Park appointment reform measure

June 17: Supes seeking to take appointment power away from mayor

June 16: Tennis coalition offers to repave 12 Golden Gate Park courts

June 16: Groundbreaking today for future LEED silver-certified Chinese Rec Center

June 15: Prepare to pay more for Harding Park links

June 15: Rec and Park: Can we talk about this, North Beach Festival?

June 14: What’s on the menu at your favorite open space?

June 14: Kid rock band will benefit Dolores Park playground: Sat. June 19th, 4 PM

June 14: Supes to vote on Harding Park golf fee hike

June 13: Supervisor Chu looking for tips to raise money for Carl Larsen Park in the Sunset

June 11: Vehicle license fee to fund state parks makes ballot

June 9: Harding Park looking for more greens

June 8: Bay Bridge Gateway Park a chance for big ideas

June 7: Upgrades will put Heron’s Head park in Bayview on the map

June 6: Shipyard project heading before Port, utilities commissioners

June 6: Hetch Hetchy project completion celebrated at Mt. Davidson

June 6: Park advocates pencil in meeting with the mayor

June 2: Car show, picnic could stay in Golden Gate Park

June 2: Freestanding park bathrooms undergoing summer upgrade

June 1: 2010 Outside Lands festival schedule released

June 1: Northeast Embarcadero study meeting cancelled

June 1: Outdoor programs teach city kids about nature

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May 2010

May 31: Second public hearing on Gateway Park on Bay Bridge scheduled for Wednesday

May 31: Know anyone who could tell Rec and Park how to spend $5 million?

May 30: Bisons’ Golden Gate Park home needs revamp

May 28: Virtually harmless coyotes out and about in city parks

May 27: Blue Greenway upgrades outlined

May 27: Parks president again romanticizes the East Coast

May 26: Residents get chance at input on Blue Greenway tonight

May 25: Botanical Garden admission fee takes root

May 25: Parking concerns Mission dwellers if park is put in

May 25: Supervisors approve gift from Sacred Heart Prep for Crocker Amazon football field

May 25: Exercise limits: Just one in five kids live near parks

May 25: Inner Mission ‘parklet’ adds splash of variety

May 23: $1 million of art to grace parks and public spaces in Bayview

May 22: Rec and Park, school board to continue pact on fields

May 20: Urban open space drive thrives in Bay Area

May 20: Presidio’s Main Post overhaul to turn parking lot to grass by 2011

May 20: The Mommy Files blog: Are playgrounds too safe?

May 20: PGA Tour driving toward Harding Park management

May 19: How SF can make money from Rec and Park

May 19: Rec and Park’s budget is close, but not quite there

May 19: SF’s newest public space is in the parking lane in the Mission

May 18: The war on children’s playgrounds

May 18: Is Rec and Park shakeup plan heading to the ballot?

May 18: Massive steel sculpture could stay put in Hayes Valley

May 18: Open house for GGNRA, maritime park projects

May 17: Linden to be flattened out, turned into “living alley”

May 17: Maybe 3rd time is a charm for McLaren Park

May 17: Recreational pushcart managers: start your bids

May 16: New life in Alcatraz Island gardens

May 16: Noe Valley residents seek support for temporary plaza

May 16: Sunday in the park with George (and Pete)

May 14: Out of towner Coit Tower, Botanical Garden fees up for debate

May 12: Rec center get $100K worth of equipment

May 12: Birthday party cleans up Redwood City park

May 12: As schools cut back, SF steps up summer camps

May 10: Tinker with 17th and Folsom park design with high hopes

May 9: Sausalito’s Cavallo Point: Postcard views

May 7: Mission blue butterfly returns to Twin Peaks

May 6: JCC green teens spearhead mural project

May 6: Garfield pool funneling funds, closed longer

May 6: Cash source opening in Golden Gate Park

May 5: Sunset Playground could go under the knife for $1.8 million

May 4: Rec and Park, group to discuss Coit Tower upgrades

May 4: How should Rec and Park assess its trees?

May 4: Many hands make great parks

May 2: Cyclists to meet for smooth Golden Gate Park ride

May 2: Bring your good china and silverware to Golden Gate Park

May 2: $18 seems small price to pay for stability of state parks

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April 2010

April 30: Garfield Pool to open this summer

April 30: Beach Chalet soccer fields project put on hold

April 29: Little City Gardens makes a go of urban agriculture in SF

April 29: Victoria Manalo Draves, (Olympic diver with SOMA park named for her) dies

April 29: Rec and Park could add decades to Candlestick parking lot

April 28: Hey Dolores Park gabbers, click on this

April 27: SFPD deems alleged Mountain Lake Park playground lurker not a threat

April 27: As neighborhoods’ makeup shifts, new taxes will follow

April 27: Rec and Park GM has unique tweet start

April 27: Rec and Park has mid-week cash-pot meeting

April 26: Officials seek to curb park violence

April 26: Rec and Park taking advantage of KFOG partnership

April 26: Not your ordinary park gift

April 25: Otherworldy park in Mojave desert a Hollywood favorite

April 25: Polemic skate park rolls along

April 25: Tinkerbell sprinkles money over Rec and Park

April 24: Plans percolate to revive some of SF’s ancient creeks

April 24: McLaren Park in the running for renovation grant

April 22: Lincoln Park to reopen Friday

April 21: Open space landing on the internet

April 21: Online tool maps local trees

April 21: SF Supes knock down plan for new condo tower near TransAmerica

April 19: Video: Two Excelsior moms discuss playgrounds

April 19: Fulton Playground should make the grade after renovation

April 18: Along the blue, a swatch of green

April 16: Panel OKs synthetic fields for Golden Gate Park

April 16: Beach Chalet soccer field upgrades OK’d

April 16: Let soccer fields be built

April 15: King Street/Willie Mays Plaza

April 15: Autistic kids at Grattan get a playful gift

April 15: Beach Chalet fields need changes to keep playing environment safe

April 15: Updates on Bartlett Farmer’s Market and Dolores Park

April 15: California smoking ban at state park on Governor’s desk

April 15: Rec and Park to vote on 17th and Folsom park design

April 14: SF landscape law will beautify, curb runoff

April 14: Ramping up for more mini-parks

April 13: New 6th Street park set to unveil Wednesday

April 13: New soccer fields?  What is this, a trick?

April 12: Park offers women in Kabul some freedom

April 12: Mission District rallies around park plan

April 11: Rehab planned for Mt. Sutro trail

April 11: Guerrero Park blossoms in a sea of concrete

April 10: “Parklet” coming to Clement Street

April 10: Mission playgrounds at top of class, but Dolores Park fails

April 10: Warm Water Cove update: Why graffiti is still gone

April 8: NPC claims SF playgrounds are safer

April 8: Playgrounds make leap in safety

April 7: Presidio Heights moms don’t play around

April 7: Hours trimmed at Conservatory of Flowers

April 7: Appeal filed on Transamerica condo tower

April 6: Historic Commission hearing about soccer fields

April 6: Richmond District police win first prize in BBQ cook-off for Rec and Park fundraiser

April 5: Rec and Park employees interviewing for their jobs

April 5: Summer rec programs getting popular

April 5: Hilltop park planned for Yerba Buena Island

April 5: Noe Valley Pavement to Parks site remains up in the air

April 5: Hilltop park planned for Yerba Buena Island

April 4: Disc golf in McLaren Park is making headway

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March 2010

March 31: City contractor’s cozy relationship with Rec and Park Chief

March 31: Take advantage of the Community Opportunity Fund in the park bond

March 29: Rec and Park benefits from $40,000 pool party

March 29: Best playgrounds in the Bay Area

March 28: Rec and Park markets stirring debate from street artists

March 26: Rec and Park sweetens deal to lure more volunteers

March 25: Working it out at Muriel Leff Park

March 25: Two years later, are parks making the grade?

March 24: Hayes Valley Playground waiting for $1.5M gift

March 23: Letters from our readers: Gardeners work where they are most needed

March 22: Get free ice cream, help Rec and Park with your tips

March 22: Golden Gate Park horse stable needs cash for renovation

March 22: City to decide on more help for Ogden Terrace wall

March 21: Rec and Park to reinterview 130 employees

March 18: Shadows can fall on parks from 555 Washington condo tower

March 18: Supervisors to vote on $1.5M playground gift

March 17: Sanchez Elementary School to open green lab, vertical garden

March 17: A $250 splash could get rec center some equipment

March 17: City parks score high in audit, win excellence award

March 16: Letters from Readers: Expunging lead from our playgrounds a priority

March 16: RPD splurged on St. Patrick’s Day float

March 16: Mission Playground–ideas?

March 16: Shadow meeting sets Rec and Park aside

March 16: Audit finds city gardeners MIA

March 15: New markets could be boon to Rec and Park revenue

March 15: Thousands enjoy SF Sunday Streets

March 15: Finding funds for McLaren Park

March 14: Got something to say about Lafayette Park?

March 14: Census soccer at Garfield Park

March 11: SF Public Works recognized with awards for Sunnyside Conservatory and other projects

March 11: Vandals still tipping parks’ charts

March 11: Goat fencing may endanger wildlife

March 11: Bird lovers fight Golden Gate Park turf plan

March 10: Three parks in one parking lot

March 9: Traces of Potrero power plant to vanish by 2015

March 7: Stern Grove events are moneymakers

March 7: Astronomy club latest to oppose Beach Chalet soccer lights

March 6: US Park officer posed as another, lied to press

March 6: Pair of reopenings makes a grand day

March 5: Panel OKs Botanical Garden fee for tourists

March 4: Dolores Park is our backyard, says community

March 4: Corona Heights and the Randall Museum

March 3: Bond money pays for Dolores Park rumor cleanup

March 1: Five ways you can support your local parks

March 1: Showplace Square update

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February 2010

February 23: Eat chili, raise dollars for McLaren Park

February 23: Lead levels in the City’s parks persist

February 22: Garfield Park has an expensive backstroke

February 22: Check out SF’s master calendar for open spaces

February 21: Plant a tree, build community in SF

February 21: Finding a solution to fund state parks

February 19: SF park budget-balancing proposal moves ahead

February 19: Mission Dolores Park might stay open

February 19: Rec and Park unveils moneymaking schemes

February 19: Pushcarts in the parks

February 18: Compromise in the works for Dolores Park renovation

February 18: Rec and Park budget plans to raise fees, cut jobs

February 17: All staff Rec and Park meeting to discuss layoffs

February 17: Golf fees may increase by April

February 16: Less summer fog along CA coast puts redwoods at risk

February 15: Presidio may get new art, maybe B&B

February 15: Can sunlight group move beyond shadows of past?

February 14: Dolores Park users want SF to rethink closure

February 14: Rec and Park Commission to vote on bike rental vendor

February 13: Have a city park be your valentine

February 11: “Battle royal” brewing over planned tower

February 9: Mission parking lot has 3 different park designs to choose from

February 5: Parks report shows top problems persist

February 4: Rec and Park to decide on dredging harbor

February 4: How do I love thee, open spaces?  Let us count the ways

February 3: City lawmakers could vote on shipyard plans in June

February 3: Dolores Park could close for months

February 3: Compromise averts showdown over park shadows

February 3: Coyote attack on cat suspected on Russian Hill

February 3: Eureka Valley Park: Three great attractions

February 2: Golden Gate Park horse stables up for demolition

February 2: Supes address duck feeding in city parks

February 2: Push to mend McLaren Park begins

February 1: Two more meetings scheduled on Rec and Park budget

February 1: Determined resident brings slice of nature to city’s sidewalks

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January 2010

January 31: Park restrooms a balance between safety and convenience

January 29: Food vendors coming to city parks

January 28: Chiu’s measure casts shadow on building plans

January 28: Cash strapped parks look to generate money

January 27: Rec and Park spokeswoman leaving her post in the new year

January 27: New plan for park bathrooms?

January 21: A drawback to urban green spaces

January 21: Community meetings scheduled to discuss McLaren Park facelift

January 20: Sutro Heights Park

January 20: Rec and Park Commission to discuss money making possibilities for parks

January 20: Garfield Park sex assault leads to arrest

January 20: Rec and Park: First annual volunteer fair February 10th

January 20: Creating a more livable city

January 19: Students seek ways to improve Washington Square

January 17: Lazarus stepping down from Rec and Park Commission

January 16: Philanthropist on parks panel signals a shift

January 15: Changes at the Rec and Park Commission

January 14: Bond money to upgrade park bathrooms

January 14: Coalition of groups responds to shipyard redevelopment impact report

January 14: Get your budget talk on with Rec and Park

January 14: Opinion: Say no to synthetic soccer fields

January 13: Relief in sight for park visitors

January 13: Artificial turf debate has gone to the birds

January 13: Board president supports sunlight for parks

January 12: SOMA landstrip to become a park

January 11: Editorial: Soccer in Golden Gate Park

January 9: Governor seeks to use oil money to save state parks

January 8: Artificial turf debate turns to wildlife

January 7: Street park workshop: committed groups only!

January 6: Regional group will discuss plans for Ferry Plaza next Monday (Jan 11th)

January 6: City planners set to discuss world’s best planned streets

January 6: Stow concessions meeting Tuesday January 12

January 5: Permit crackdown bumps events from Golden Gate Park

January 4: Open space happy hour at City Hall

January 4: Open space advocates want extended comment for redevelopment

January 3: East Bay parks enjoy land buying spree in 2009

January 2: Saviors of Mount Sutro

January 2: Volunteer opportunities: which is right for you? (NPC, of course!)

January 1: John McCain Condemns Government Waste at Sharp Park Golf Course

January 1: Palace of Fine Arts wrapping up restoration

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December 2009

December 31: Volunteer for a bike organization

December 31: Stow Lake boathouse needs upgrade to stay afloat

December 31st: Public/private pairing envisioned for SF parks

December 30th: Newsom addresses issue of southeast parks

December 29th: Imagine a playground at Mission parking lot site

December 28th: Rec and Park wins award

December 27th: Potential parkland locations for Showplace Square identified

December 27th: Body found in park that of elderly woman

December 27th: Credo: Isabel Wade

December 26th: Rec and Park improving website

December 23rd: Presidio Trust announces new leadership

December 23rd: Decomposed body found in Golden Gate Park

December 22nd: Vacant parking lot targeted for open space

December 21st: Department heads crunching budget numbers

December 20th: Board backs nature and golf at Sharp Park

December 20th: Rec and Park approves Sharp Park plan

December 19th: Frogs on the course

December 19th: Longer hearing period for redevelopment plan shot down

December 18th: Fix Pacifica: Golf Wars

December 18th: SF panel backs keeping Pacifica links open

December 17th: Off-leash dog policy battle at Nob Hill park

December 17th: Most SF parks get B-grade or better in City Controller’s audit

December 14th: The worst run big city in the US

December 14th: A walk on the wild side–with dog pack

December 14th: New faces for open spaces

December 13th: The cost behind a bright idea

December 13th: Deficit doesn’t dim upgrade to tree lights

December 11th: PlantSF turns pavement into a garden spot

December 9th: Rec and Park to take cue from NYC to raise money

December 8th: Overhaul planned for Ferry Plaza

December 8th: San Francisco Supervisor misses the green over Sharp Park Golf Course

December 7th: Interview with NPC Executive Director, Meredith Thomas

December 6th: Levi’s Plaza: Folds of brick that pull you in

December 5th: 111-year old Sunnyside Conservatory reopens

December 4th: Kids find loaded gun in SF park sandbox

December 4th: Fixing SF’s parks, step by step

December 3rd: Hayes Valley Playground gets ready for a rebuild

December 2nd: Dog mauls prominent Nob Hill woman in Huntington Park

December 2nd: Thousands in equipment stolen from youth program in Garfield Square

December 1st: Open space planning around Showplace Square continues

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November 2009

November 30th: Department heads face 30 percent cut reality

November 30th: Final chance to hear plans on Geneva Car Barn Project

November 29th: Neverland comes to Bierman Park for Peter Pan show

November 29th: Bike program managers to be picked

November 24th: Forbes says Golden Gate Park is one of nation’s best

November 24th: Settlement in fallen branch death comes before Supes

November 22nd: Transbay plan bumps into “sunlight ordinance”

November 21st: Heated comments in golf debate

November 20th: Inside the plan for a dramatic new downtown south of Market

November 20th: Sharp Park sparks sharp debate

November 20th: Park homeless spurn outreach

November 19th: Public honored for ideas to improve parks

November 18th: SF supes try again to stave off job cuts

November 17th: Supes OK $650K tree death settlement

November 16th: Private business could operate Golden Gate Park Carousel

November 15th: Plans for McLaren Park disc golf course move ahead

November 14th: Suggestions for cleaning up Golden Gate Park

November 12th: Anti-semitic graffiti found at playground

November 12th: Federal court upholds ban on dump near Joshua Tree National Park

November 12th: Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard project at a milestone

November 12th: SF efforts can’t keep some homeless from parks

November 10th: Golfers and garter snakes

November 8th: If parks were saved, why all the ‘closed’ signs?

November 7th: SF plan to alter golf course to save critters

November 7th: Study says Sharp Park golf course can stay

November 6th: New plan for Sharp Park golf course

November 5th: Sharp Park as golf course is best for everyone

November 5th: Golden Gate Park homeless ignore outreach efforts

November 5th: New report: Stories on improving play in communities

November 5th: Exchange of park, wasteland OK’d

November 4th: $18 vehicle fee proposed to help state parks

November 2nd: Sharp Park plan could be released Friday

November 2nd: Sharp Park rifle range could get facelift soon

November 1st: Editorial: Less workers comp means more gardeners

November 1st: Letters to the Editor: Rec and Park’s problem

November 1st: Letters to the Editor: State park closure alternative

November 1st: Pier 64 to become open space

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October 2009

October 29th: Community effort grows into a garden

October 28th: Candlestick name could generate city funds

October 27th: State parks cutbacks widespread

October 27th: Yet another SF turf war

October 27th: Schwarzenegger to receive award from the National Parks Trust

October 27th: Landscape architect Lawrence Halprin dies

October 26th: Ailing department seeks workers comp change

October 26th: Synthetic turf debate a senseless ruse for control

October 23rd: Volunteers rack up change for the City

October 23rd: Op Ed: Harding Park is a city gold mine, not a drain

October 22nd: State lets parks crack down on nude beachgoers

October 20th: Visitacion Valley Greenway finally finished

October 18th: Sharp Park Golf Course: scientists, politicians and golfers duke it out

October 18th: Pier 70 financing bill dies in Sacramento

October 18th: Funds flow to fix Golden Gate Park fountains

October 17th: Rec and Park making its own headlines

October 16th: New goals set for Rec and Park

October 16th: Rec and Park Commission: Keep cars out of Starr King

October 16th: Sharp Park fundraiser sure to stir debate

October 14th: Community groups to donate funds for new playground for older kids in Duboce Park

October 14th: Fee schedule could change for resident golfers

October 13th: Candlestick Point state park reconfigured with Leno bill

October 12th: Access to sidewalks, parks, farm markets cuts diabetes risk

October 10th: The real father of our national parks

October 8th: The grass is greener at Dolores Park

October 8th: National Non-Profit KaBOOM! Honors NPC’s ParkScan as Part of Nation’s Top 12 Play Programs

October 8th: Harding Park, the prodigal golf course

October 7th: SF’s skateboarding laws could change

October 7th: Harding Park’s finances show SF’s struggles

October 6th: Garfield Square Park’s pool closed for winter

October 6th: Farmer’s market fees lowered for city parks

October 4th: Hardly Strictly packs in a crowd for bluegrass music fest

October 4th: Harding Park history–to oblivion and back

October 4th: Recycling the urban spaces

October 4th: Lawyers clean up on state park redevelopment

October 2nd: Crocker’s got nothing on the Beach Chalet soccer fields

October 2nd: Old cottage in Golden Gate Park may become modern eatery

October 1st: Tree death to cost city $650K

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September 2009

September 27th: Park-fence push has pooch lovers set for dogfight

September 26th: Big budget cuts let state parks avoid shut down

September 26th: Presidio is a park, not a shortcut

September 25th: Governor: No state parks to close

September 25th: Panel backs youth involvement in national parks

September 24th: Two-wheel nirvana amid redwoods, hills and sea

September 24th: Car wars in the Presidio

September 23rd: Supervisor Mirkarimi pushes farmer’s market plan for parks

September 23rd: State paring down number of park closures

September 22nd: PARK(ing) Day 2009: San Francisco and New York Reclaim Urban Spaces

September 22nd: Rec and Park Commission retreat is close to home

September 22nd: Astroturfing San Francisco

September 22nd: Editorial: Reasons not to close our state parks

September 21st: Farmer’s Market plan for Golden Gate Park

September 21st: California Assembly Committee meeting on state park closures

September 20th: Log cabin project part of Presidio restoration plans

September 20th: Tons of junk collected at Candlestick cleanup day

September 18th: Authorities to close Presidio roads to traffic

September 18th: Rec and Park prepares for disaster

September 18th: What are parks worth?

September 18th: In hundreds of cities, parking spaces become parks

September 18th: Answers lacking on future of state parks

September 18th: Odd places turn into public art spaces in SF

September 17th: Dolores Park neighbors weigh in on partiers

September 17th: Southern Waterfront: From dumping ground to vibrant waterfront

September 17th: Parks looking for input on repairs

September 17th: Turning parking spaces into parks

September 17th: California State Parks: How they will be closed is a mystery

September 16th: Golden Gate Park Stables demolition moving forward

September 16th: More time needed to decide which state parks to close

September 16th: Cayuga Park, playground to get facelift

September 16th: Supervisors hold off on synthetic turf vote

September 16th: Tee’d off about Sharp Park

September 15th: Visionaries will weigh in on city streets

September 15th: Plastic bags found to severely threaten bay, especially SF shoreline parks

September 15th: Environmentalists ramping up efforts to save state parks

September 15th: The case for keeping Sharp Park

September 15th: Park(ing) Day this Friday

September 15th: Neighbors give future dog park a good cleaning

September 14th: Schwarzenegger’s green legacy at risk

September 14th: Opera in the Park draws 14,000

September 14th: Stern Grove still has tree trouble

September 14th: Public meeting on artificial turf

September 13th: Portola neighbors share their secret gardens

September 13th: Work of Civilian Conservation Corps endures in today’s parks

September 13th: Rec and Park payout up for final vote by Supervisors

September 13th: Work of the CCC endures in today’s parks

September 11th: Top horseshoe pitcher tries out revamped Golden Gate Park pits

September 9th: Front garden provides oasis in concrete filled Sunset neighborhood

September 9th: US Mint list of national park quarters

September 9th: Opinion: Take a mulligan at Sharp Park

September 9th: Rec and Park gets new logo

September 9th: Opinion: Dolores Park woefully in need of bathrooms

September 8th: State park closures list expected next week

September 8th: SF’s two newest trial plazas nearly complete

September 8th: Parks lined up for blanket face lifts

September 7th: More streets being reclaimed as parks

September 6th: State halts camping reservations

September 4th: Sunday Streets event getting louder

September 4th: Pitching in at the horseshoe court

September 4th: Police cleaning up Dolores Park

September 3rd: Let golfers play through on Sharp Park course

September 2nd: RFP for Leasing of Parking Spaces for Car Sharing Programs

September 1st: 40th anniversary of Woodstock planned for Golden Gate Park

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August 2009

August 31st: Fight continues over fate of Sharp Park golf course

August 31st: Sharp Park Golf Course: scientists, politicians, and golfers duke it out

August 30th: Community leads charge for improvements to McKinley Park

August 29th: Department brings in heavy hitters for hillside clearing

August 28th: Stern Grove drainage ditch works too well

August 28th: Volunteers breathe life into the humdrum

August 26th: Stormwater runoff may soon be captured for landscaping

August 25th: Outside Lands festival may have room to spare

August 25th: Synthetic turf debate won’t die

August 24th: Private building, public space

August 24th: Campers still visiting state parks after fees were raised

August 23rd: Nature deficit may be abating

August 23rd: Picnics in parks becoming popular

August 23rd: Lower income SF neighborhoods lack trees

August 22nd: Putting a price on walkability

August 20th: Future of Sharp Park golf course remains uncertain

August 20th: SF Zoo agrees to payment plan with City

August 20th: Wheels in motion with bike rental kiosks

August 20th: Golden Gate Park set as pilot site for citywide bike share program

August 20th: United we serve–our young and our parks

August 20th: Plan for rental kiosks in parks to make bike renting a breeze

August 20th: What’s working again: Julius Kahn playground gets its swings

August 20th: Closed clubhouses could earn City $66,000/year in rental fees from private businesses

August 19th: NPC coalition meeting will establish criteria for park capital improvements

August 19th: Supervisor Mirkarimi introduces leglslation to ban artificial turf

August 19th: Scientists support restoration of Sharp Park

August 18th: What’s not working: Golden Gate Park water fountain to be repaired

August 18th: Golden Gate Park horseshoe court revival

August 17th: Academy of Sciences offering neighborhood residents free admission on certain weekends this fall

August 17th: Park Service says visits to national parks are up

August 16th: Tight budgets pinch state park funds

August 16th: Editorial: How to save our state parks

August 16th: Strapped states weigh benefits, risks of drilling in parks

August 15th: Port may seek donations for redevelopment of Pier 70

August 15th: Agency to hold hearing on India Basin Shoreline plan

August 15th: We’re not out of the wood yet–keep working for state parks

August 15th: State parks brace for closures, fee increases

August 14th: The Presidio is planning to clear house with an auction of salvaged items

August 14th: Bucks from bond to boost bayfront

August 14th: 3rd planning workshop held for Mission streetscape plan

August 14th: Roland Pitschel dies; beautified Bernal Heights

August 13th: Chronicle Watch: Alta Plaza Park will get greener

August 13th: California parks raise fees and pay price for state’s profligate spending

August 13th: Digging up clues to history at SF’s Presidio

August 12th: State park fees to increase; widespread closures still expected

August 12th: Harvey Milk Democratic Club votes to protect parkland

August 12th: SF firefighters battled 1-alarm brush fire in Glen Canyon

August 12th: Can I buy your park? Critics challenge bill allowing luxury condos on Candlestick Point parkland

August 12th: California State Parks to raise fees next week

August 11th: State parks reinstate $125 annual pass

August 10th: Community garden, plaza to replace Mission District cul-de-sac

August 10th: Camp Mather cancellations increase

August 10th: Future of Rec and Park commissioners in Supervisors’ hands

August 10th: Land swap to improve Candlestick Point park

August 9th: US Interior focuses $11 million on national parks

August 9th: Not your grandfather’s park: Yosemite’s big trees withering away

August 9th: Park ranger asks: Where are the black visitors?

August 9th: Opinion: Parks improvements one step at a time

August 9th: Soccer match raises Rec and Park funds

August 8th: Supervisor Mirkarimi to get his hands dirty at District clean up day August 8th

August 8th: California state parks halt yearly pass sales, may hike cost

August 7th: Budget axe could kill 100 California state parks

August 7th: Volunteers get ready to carve paths in McLaren Park

August 7th:  Sunday Streets program goes west on Sunday

August 7th: Ken Burns’ “National Parks” a surprise

August 6th: New community garden approved next to McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park

August 6th: Supervisor Chu to enjoy oceanside Sunday Streets

August 5th: National park checkpoints upheld

August 4th: No plan yet for Sharp Park

August 4th: Farmers’ market permit fees could be cut

August 4th: SF Chamber supports state park land deal

August 3rd: Rec and Parks director a busy blogger

August 2nd: 2000 Deadheads celebrate 7th annual “Jerry Garcia Day” in McLaren Park

August 2nd: Rec and Park misses species study deadline for Sharp Park

August 1st: What’s not working: Another light off kilter in park’s Panhandle

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July 2009

July 30th: Former Interim RPD GM Up for EPA job? / New GM Ginsburg finishes SF Marathon; Raises money for Running Start Fund

July 30th: California seeks sponsors to keep state parks open

July 30th: Running for good ideas

July 29th: Governor signs $84.5 billion spending plan

July 29th: Letters to the Editor: Taking sides on parks

July 29th: City beaches make the grade

July 29th: Paving project riles Potrero Hill groups

July 27th: City wants urban forestry plan on fast track

July 26th: Wine country parks in peril

July 26th: Rec and Parks chief in a real race for money

July 25th: New St. Mary’s Playground in Bernal Heights is completely accessible to kids with disabilities

July 25th: Millions cut from state parks; 50 may close

July 24th: Budget bulletin: California State Parks

July 24th: What’s working now: Leak repaired at Golden Gate Park

July 23rd: Editorial: City park rangers need independent oversight

July 23rd: Policy change could come at a cost for libraries, parks

July 22nd: Japanese Tea Garden pitch hangs on $500,000 grant

July 23rd: Request For Proposals For the Operation of Specialty Food Pushcarts at Various Park Locations Citywide due October 1st

July 21st: Soccer moms in the Mission district–Latina style

July 21st: Japanese Tea Garden deal not out of the woods yet

July 19th: Aquatic Park Beach

July 19th: Alemany Farm: 4.5 productive acres in SF

July 17th: What needs help: Brown grass, gopher holes in park

July 17th: Opinion: Parks historically have been free for citizens

July 17th: SF to open parks to gourmet food vendors

July 16th: Lack of oversight of SF park patrol raises questions

July 15th: California’s budget crisis and the parks

July 15th: SF native’s quest to fill city with natives

July 15th: Vendors to set up shop in SF parks

July 15th: Golden Gate Park meters study receives the green light

July 14th: Small group wields big stick in Presidio

July 13th: Editorial: Urban agriculture needs more support

July 13th: New parks chief brings job online

July 12th: Web site to be a one-stop spot for info on parks/open space

July 11th: Big plans for SF’s Pier 70–if cash is found

July 9th: Debate over fate of Pacifica golf course resumes online

July 9th: Tale of two permits in Golden Gate Park

July 8th: City behind parking meters in park

July 8th: 11 SF parks to get upgrades, renovations

July 8th: Park meter plan gaining traction

July 7th: Editorial: Park advocate’s work should be appreciated

July 7th: Reshape the Presidio Trust to run a park

July 6th: Parks protector passing the torch

July 6th: High rises on hold: What to do with empty lots?

July 4th: Jared Blumenfeld says goodbye to Rec and Park

July 2nd: Grants, land at risk if California parks close

July 2nd: Gap Founder Abandons Plans For SF Presidio Museum

July 2nd: Mount Davidson

July 1st: Walk in the park: Cities roll out easy-to-use online ‘parks portal

July 1st: What’s not working: Playground bathroom on the fritz

July 1st: Interim Rec and Park Manager rides out with style

July 1st: Feds may take over State parks due to budget impasse

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June 2009

June 30th: Lindy in the Park shut down

June 29th: Equal Play: Rec and Park to build 4 “boundless playgrounds” accessible to children with disabilities

June 27th: Farewell, street tree.  But at what cost?

June 27th: Volunteer teens spruce up SF parks and neighborhoods

June 26th: We could get one good thing out of budget crisis–a long term fix for State Parks

June 26th: Disney museum set to open October 1st in the Presidio

June 26th: Weigh in on park bathrooms now

June 25th: Fee increases at Golden Gate Park move ahead

June 25th: California may not save money by closing state parks

June 24th: Save state parks with $15 car license fee

June 24th: Move to keep state parks open heads to vote

June 24th: Breakdown: State Park Access Pass

June 24th: What’s not working: SF playground needs seats for its swings

June 24th: Environmentalists oppose Lennar’s effort to build condos on Candlestick Point parkland

June 23rd: China Camp State Park fire burns 5 acres in San Rafael

June 23rd: We can save our state parks as part of the budget solution

June 22nd: Beleaguered parks demand fresh thinking

June 22nd: Music seen as headliner for SF parks-budget relief

June 22nd: Where do you go when you venture into Golden Gate Park?

June 21st: SF school playground rebuild draws star-studded backing

June 20th: NPC’s ParkScan goes nationwide

June 19th: First ladies to help build SF playground

June 18th: Chronicle Watch: What’s working again: Panhandle lights are back to normal

June 18th: Bike polo: Play on a hardcourt or on grass

June 18th: SF’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Committee tours Sharp Park Golf Course

June 17th: Pros need green for greens

June 16th: State park access pass may be key to preventing their closure

June 14th: Study: Parks bring billions to state, millions to local communities

June 13th: Cyclists seek haven in McLaren Park trails

June 11th: SF’s foulest restrooms to get makeover

June 9th: Chronicle Watch: What’s not working: Panhandle light shines all day

June 8th: Schools and parks reaping unexpected benefits from recession

June 8th: Park museums–a success story that needs a sequel

June 8th: Letter to the editor: Columbia State Park wasting away

June 7th: Backyard pick to lead parks

June 7th: Parks don’t cost much–closing them would

June 3rd: Former chief of staff to Newsom accepts top Rec and Park job

June 3rd: Port plans to use Prop. A funds for waterfront parks

June 3rd: Candlestick point proposal takes heat from Sierra Club

June 2nd: Letters to the editor: State parks belong to us

June 2nd: Rec and Park may start asking golfers to chip in

June 2nd: Presidio’s renowned entrance gets touched up

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May 2009

May 31st: Fans say closing parks isn’t answer for budget

May 31st: State deficit may close beaches

May 30th: Brian O’Neill brought dreams to life at GGNRA

May 29th: List of Bay Area parks that would close

May 29th: Schwarzenegger plan would close 220 Calif. parks

May 29th: Ohio man arrested for mowing unkempt grass at public park

May 28th: 25 Bay Area state parks may close from budget crisis

May 27th: Loving SF Botanical garden to death

May 27th: Proposed botanical garden entry fee unfair to non-SF residents; Treat our visitors better than this

May 27th: Doomsday scenario for CA state parks

May 26th: The crossroads of the world (Times Square, NY) goes car free

May 26th: SF ranked #5 on top healthy cities list

May 25th: Tokyo park plays high-pitched tone to discourage vandals

May 25th: Presidio branches out with eucalyptus swap

May 25th: Recycle your old running shoes into playground surfaces!

May 23rd: What’s working: Panhandle light is back to normal

May 22nd: San Francisco public tennis courts: Golden Gate Park

May 22nd: Finding unused pavement for parks and plazas in lower Potrero

May 21st: Special park treats are close by

May 20th: Mission Sunday Streets expected to draw largest crowd yet

May 19th: Block off cars, add tress–and presto, it’s a park

May 19th: For the city of Panhandles!  Copenhagenize it!

May 18th: Dolores Park facelift is a “dream”

May 18th: Open space planning continues despite economic slow down

May 17th: Urban anthropology, Dolores Park edition

May 17th: The man behind the park

May 16th: New park at Transbay Transit Center to be oasis in the sky

May 15th: Frank Dean named as interim replacement for GGNRA chief

May 15th: CA regional parks districts retain right to sell land

May 15th: Budget crisis among topics of Statewide Conference of Parks Foundations convention

May 14th: 430 Main / 429 Beale Redesign Approved with Conditions for Affordability

May 14th: Popular GGNRA superintendent Brian O’Neill dies

May 13th: Eastern Neighborhoods: Community meeting gone awry

May 13th: Editorial: Dolores Park more for community than kids

May 13th: What’s working: North beach pool opens doors again

May 13th: Mayor unveils pedestrian friendly plaza in the Castro

May 12th: Giving citizens tools to report conditions of parks

May 10th: On the watch list, Day 15: Panhandle light still on during the day

May 10th: More than $1M of potable water used annually in neighborhood parks, $375K used for Golden Gate Park alone

May 8th: Victim stabbed near Conservatory of Flowers near Golden Gate Park

May 7th: Golfers and snakes coexisting

May 6th: Legislation that may close Sharp Park approved

May 6th: More open space may be added to the city

May 6th: Curiosity in gardening grows

May 6th: Fun with concrete slides in Seward Park

May 6th: Pacifica’s Sharp Park one step closer to becoming wild

May 5th: Environmentalists and golfers square off over the future of Sharp Park

May 5th: New for green buildings: City parks in the sky

May 5th: What out-of-town architects say about SF’s buildings and public spaces

May 4th: SF Supes support Sharp Park wildlife habitat

May 4th: Skate park planned for Golden Gate Park

May 4th: Building project could cast parks into shadow

May 4th: Volunteers can care for Presidio forest

May 1st: Letter: Contrary to claims, Sharp Park is economically viable

May 1st: The people have spoken: SF park bathrooms are nasty

May 1st: Messy restrooms foul up survey

May 1st: Sharp debate over Sharp Park golf course

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April 2009

April 30th: Sharp Park golf course decision up to board

April 30th: Visitors to nation’s parks need to represent new America

April 30th: SF local government gets C+ in city survey

April 30th: Residents note city improvements; Rec and Park earns B- in survey, up from C+ in 2007

April 30th: Arboreteum fee for residents looking less likely

April 29th: Sharp Park might be returned to wetlands

April 29th: Another model of convivial spaces

April 29th: Legislation to protect state park clears first hurdle

April 28th: Letter: Consider restoring Sharp Park

April 28th: Funding announced for new skate park in Golden Gate Park

April 24th: Sunday Streets closured planned this summer in the Mission

April 23rd: $97 million awarded to state’s national parks

April 23rd: Bay Area national parks to get millions in stimulus money

April 23rd: Debate on Sharp Park Golf Course continues

April 23rd: San Francisco public tennis courts: JP Murphy Playground (9th Ave and Ortega)

April 23rd: Sunday Streets: Freewheeling on a car-free day

April 22nd: National parks await funding injection

April 21st: Filmmaker Ken Burns aids effort to make nature appeal to kids

April 20th: Some land is too valuable

April 18th: Plan for skate park in Mission rolling forward

April 17th: Presidio plans challenged by report

April 17th: Presidio preservationist Redmond Kernan dies

April 17th: Sunday Streets to close more blocks, add events

April 17th: City to cash in on Outside Lands

April 16th: Endangered butterflies released on Twin Peaks

April 16th: SF Supervisors discuss Sharp Park future

April 16th: SF magazine lists top 10 parks; Golden Gate Park snubbed entirely

April 16th: What’s working again: Drip images wiped out under nets

April 15th: SF Sunday Streets announced for April 26th

April 14th: Celebrate with a visit to Golden Gate Park

April 14th: Relax at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF

April 13th: Deficit may drive up city’s recreation fees

April 10th: Enviro, preservation concerns drive opposition to Presidio Main Post plans

April 10th: Livability, open space successfully defended at Rincon Hill Planning meeting

April 10th: Cuts to parks, playgrounds damaging to kids, adults

April 9th: 10 Best SF parks

April 9th: Reclaim SF’s corporate-sponsored public spaces

April 9th: New public plaza going in at 17th and Castro

April 9th: Paradise is already paved

April 8th: Habitat proposal endangers links at Sharp Park

April 8th: A New Public Plaza by Public Architecture for the Castro

April 7th: Montara photographer’s exhibit, “Preserving Open Space” at Presidio’s Seed Gallery April 9th- June 6th

April 7th: CA State Parks Dept. launches fundraiser to restore state forests

April 5th: City’s landmark gardens may start charging visitors

April 3rd: Dolores Park Playground gets a makeover

April 3rd: Chile’s Metropolitan Park of Santiago and Golden Gate Park Become Sister Parks

April 2nd: Dolores Park Playground rebuild is a citywide model

April 2nd: Paying to monitor city’s gardeners? What a joke

April 1st: Golden Gate Park rhododendron garden slated for massive renovation

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March 2009

March 30th: RPD hopes to fashion GPS tracking devices on vehicles

March 29th: Shadow cast over park sunlight debate

March 29th: Parks bond to fund neighborhood renovation

March 29th: Valued Rec and Park employees are being lost

March 29th: Central Freeway land sale could net city $35 million

March 26th: Local snake to inherit Sharp Park golf course

March 25th: Urban green spaces could use stimulus seeds

March 25th: SF seniors fear losing director due to Rec and Park budget cuts

March 25th: 17th Street closure will be first NY-style plaza in SF

March 25th: NPC hosts “Play Day” at District 4 Playground

March 25th: SF proposes Botanical Garden entrance fee

March 25th: Chronicle Watch: Soccer field toilets are a big mess

March 24th: A proposed urban park in historic North Beach

March 24th: $250 fine urged for smoking at state beaches, parks

March 23rd: Will Sharp Park Golf Course become a nature preserve?

March 21st: What’s working again: Dark park bathroom not a problem anymore

March 18th: Change ahead at Sharp Park?

March 17th: Sharp Park golf course on the chopping block?

March 16th: What’s not working: Dark bathroom at playground unsafe

March 15th: Profile of Potrero del Sol Skate park

March 15th: The Bay Area’s best outdoor playgrounds

March 14th: What’s working again: Bayview children’s pool reopens, with heater

March 14th: Defense installations gave way to parks

March 13th: Streetscape envisions a Mission District facelift

March 12th: Community concern over SF park cuts

March 12th: Understaffed department struggles with tree upkeep

March 12th: Children living near green spaces are more active

March 11th: City seeks input on parks’ future

March 10th: SF Arts Commission Installs New Sculpture at JP Murphy Clubhouse

March 9th: Harding Park reportedly far from ready to host President’s cup

March 9th: Outside Lands fest announces 2009 dates

March 5th: Rec and Park statements spark questions

March 5th: Running down rumors of Rec and Park closings

March 5th: Sunday Street garners support from neighborhoods

March 5th: Presidio on the way to self sufficiency

March 4th: All SF parks staying open, no matter what you’ve heard

March 4th: Sunday Streets expands routes

March 3rd: Eight favorite San Francisco parks

March 3rd: Dates announced for controversial concert inside Golden Gate Park

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February 2009

February 27th: Rec and Park may be required to use recycled water in irrigation

February 27th: Presidio museum fight becoming costly

February 26th: Meter plan nearly expired

February 23rd: Weighing in on the ‘wrecked park department’

February 20th: Letter to the editor: Park problems start at top

February 20th: Layoffs, fee increases for SF parks backed by Park Commission

February 20th: SF lays off dozens of park employees

February 19th: Patrons may soon pay more for park services

February 19th: Why investing in parks is smart economic stimulus

February 19th: Public lands, private hands

February 19th: Golden Gate Park Japanese tea garden concession will change hands

February 19th: Rec and Park turns to layoffs to balance budget

February 19th: Letter to the editor: Parking meters in Golden Gate Park?

February 18th: Wrecked park department

February 18th: Cuts coming to San Francisco parks

February 17th: What’s working again: Golden Gate Park statue cleaned up

February 14th: SF’s Sunnyside Conservatory gets retrofit

February 13th: Speak up for kids’ programs at SF parks: today at 3 PM

February 13th: Rec & Park proposes to cut jobs, hours

February 12th: Dog walker discovers body in Corona Heights Park

February 12th: Park that plan in the trash

February 10: Parks Department plans layoffs, parking meters

February 10: Rec centers may lose services amid cuts

February 9: SF park rangers want more power, guns

February 8: Letter to the editor: Try redoing parks story

February 7: Golden Gate Park signage still needs work

February 7: Golden Gate Park stables to be razed but not immediately rebuilt

February 6: S.F. parks story failed to look between lines

February 5: San Francisco parks score a B

February 5: Anything goes at Fort Mason community garden

February 5: To grow the greenest jobs, invest in NYC public parks

February 5: Fun and mystery at the seashore

February 5: Golden Gate Park festival is too invasive

February 4: Report finds parks vacant of gardeners

February 4: Letter to the editor: Park parking fees may discourage commuting

February 4: Three things to consider with parks assessment

February 4: Even horses aren’t immune to a bear market

February 4: Report urges preserving Bay Area outdoors

February 3: Office towers trade sky space for public plazas

February 3: Free parking areas in city parks may vanish

February 1: Call to rebuild parks evokes 1930s program

February 1: Voters may have say on parks with June ballot item

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January 2009

January 30: Beach visitors’ center will stay open, but unstaffed

January 30: SF signs deal for Golden Gate Park concerts

January 29: Artist Andy Goldsworthy’s ‘Spire’ graces Presidio

January 29: Neighborhood concrete slides

January 28: The new playground: Bye, jungle gym!

January 28: Golf under attack in San Francisco

January 27: Rosa Parks School in SF’s Western Addition wins green campus contest

January 27: Still waiting for trash receptacles in Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse

January 27: Secrets of San Francisco: Recommendations for improving our city’s privately-owned public open spaces

January 25: Recreation trends driven by low water, empty wallets

January 22: Mission Greenbelt zig zags across the neighborhood

January 22: Trees dying in the west a record rate

January 22: The role of parks in redevelopment projects

January 21: Ask not what SF can do for you . . .

January 21: SF parks need volunteers

January 20: Unlocking SF’s privately owned public spaces

January 18: Packed with people, SF leaves room for nature

January 14: SF history lesson runs through Islais Creek

January 13: Charlie Sava Pool gets the details right

January 10: Death of fun, the sequel

January 8: Deal in works to bring recycled water to Harding Park golf course

January 7: Urban students get to study in a living library

January 6: Wrecking recreation

January 5: Demolition underway for $108 M Presidio project

January 1: Russian Hill hike

January 1: West Portal Playground’s water fountain now working

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