Interview with NPC’s Monthly Donor, Cole

Meredith and ColeDid you know you could donate to NPC every month? Like layaway, you are slowly helping NPC make parks clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

By donating as little as $10 a month you can help pay for one swing at rundown playground or allow NPC to attend a commission hearing at City Hall to be the voice of the community. Think of all the parks groups and playgrounds that you are helping!

We interviewed long-time monthly donor, Cole about why he donates $10 every month.  Please visit to start your monthly donations.

Why do you donate to NPC?

I began donating for two reasons. First, I needed some tax deductions. Second, and more importantly, I feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to help in whatever way they can — whether it’s volunteering, or donating large or small amounts. If everyone gave just one dollar to a charity each month, our world would be in a much better place.

What made you decide to donate monthly?

Giving a small amount, (especially through automatic deductions) is a really easy way to give and it doesn’t break your wallet. I give monthly donations to several non-profits in the city and it’s out of my account before I even check my pay stub.  I do nothing at all but add it up at the end of the year and deduct it on my tax forms. It’s always nice to help your community.

Do you volunteer with NPC?

Yes, mostly at NPC-related events.

What do you like the most about NPC?

I grew up in the city near Golden Gate Park. I took it for granted that everyone had access to safe and beautiful open space. NPC strives to make sure that access is a reality for everyone. Even if you don’t spend time in a park, they make a city block look a whole lot nicer.

Why do you think others should donate monthly to NPC?

It is in times like these that ordinary citizens need to step-up and support what is important to them and their community. In the 1920′s, Joseph Strauss rallied San Franciscans like an angry watchdog and demanded a bridge nobody wanted. After raising substantial funds of all amounts from private donations, the city and its voters followed suit with 35 million dollars in bond money. Thanks to Strauss and those private citizens, the bridge began construction in 1933 and San Franciscans still cherish it today as a national landmark. Imagine San Francisco without it! Now imagine it without any open spaces. NPC is the watchdog – it’s time to donate.

To start donating every month, please visit Thanks for your support, every month! Contact Anita at if you have any questions.

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