March 2007

This monthly column features interviews with people all over the city enjoying their neighborhood parks. If you are interested in possibly appearing in this column in the future, please email us and tell us why you love your park.

MARCH 2007


This month: Noah Martin, 24, Drama Teacher

Noah MartinWhat is the name of your local park?
Noah: Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley.

Why do you love your park?
Noah: It brings out the community. Hayes Valley is an up and coming neighborhood and in San Francisco where people are always going their own thing, little parks like this really bring out the community.

How often do you visit your park?
Noah: Everyday.

What is your favorite activity you do in your park (picnicking, exercising, walking the dog, visiting the playground, sitting on a bench)?
Noah: Reading a book. Sometimes I play hackey sack.

What changes/improvements would you like to see in your park, if any?
Noah: More trees. And it would be cool if they could make the park bigger somehow.

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