I Love My Park: January 2008

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of “I Love My Park.” This monthly column features interviews with people all over the city talking about the personal connections they feel to parks in San Francisco. 

 This month: Barbara Jay photographed at Crissy Field on December 30th.What is the name of your local park?
Before moving to Inverness recently, I lived for fifteen years on Russian Hill. For the first seven or eight years, I used to go to a little pocket park near my house called Alice Marble Tennis Courts. But after that, I discovered Crissy Field. 

Why do you love your park?
I love Crissy Field because there is something for everyone. You can come down here and see all types of people windsurfing, kite surfing, or just walking with their families. I like to come down here early in the morning and go to the Warming Hut.How often do you visit your park?
About once a month. When I come into the city from West Marin and I want to go to a park, Crissy Field is where I go. 

What is your favorite activity you do in your park?
Just walking with friends. It’s also a great spot for people watching.

I’m a lover of parks. If we had more parks and community gardens across the city, we wouldn’t have any more gangs. I think parks are great civilizing places.

What changes/improvements would you like to see in your park, if any?
Honestly, I can’t think of any. I love it just the way it is.


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