Park Scores

Rec & Park Department News: Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

FY 09-10 Park Scores

Rec & Park staff recommend the following in response to the newly release 09-10 Parks Maintenance Standards Report compiled by the Controller’s Office:

RPD Staff Recommendations

  • Continue to utilize score data to concentrate resources on low- performing parks, particularly Districts 10 and 11.
  • Promote timely monitoring of evaluation results into management and park maintenance activities.
  • Improve communication across divisions for better park maintenance outcomes.
  • Work with the public to revise staff schedules in order to reflect current best practices for gardeners and custodians while
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    satisfying Prop C requirements.

  • Maintain consistent evaluation methodology for both parks and staff schedule compliance.

Click here to download the 09-10 Parks Maintenance Standards Report.

Click here to view the summary presentation given by RPD staff to the RPD Commission on November 4, 2010.

Clubhouses Update from Rec & Park

On November 20 General Manager Phil Ginsburg posted the following post on the SFRPD blog regarding clubhouses (The Neighborhood Clubhouse Conundrum).

09-10 Parks Maintenance Standards Report Released

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Each year the Office of the Controller

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for the City and County of San Francisco releases an annual report which examines park “report cards” and Recreation and Parks Department staff compliance with posted maintenance schedules. The Controller’s Office has just released its 09-10 Parks viagra side effects treatment Maintenance Standards Report.

Recreation and Park Department (RPD) parks are rated on a quarterly basis. All neighborhood parks (approximately 175) are evaluated each quarter other than those closed for renovations. The parks are inspected using the San Francisco Park Maintenance Standards Manual.

Click here to download the 09-10 Parks Maintenance Standards Report.

Click here to view the summary presentation given by RPD staff to the viagra price check RPD Commission on November 4, 2010.

Rec & Park Department News: October 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department has several changes on the horizon that all park users should know about, including a new outreach policy, an explanation of the new recreation model and changes to the Commission’s schedule of meetings.

Outreach Policy

Sarah Ballard, Rec & Park’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs presented the departments working outreach policy at the October 21, 2010 Recreation and ark Commission Meeting.

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The out reach policy is available online at the Rec & Park website or by clicking here to download a PDF of the policy to your desktop.

NPC supports the development of the outreach policy and commits to working with the Recreation and Parks Department to refine and implement the plan outlined.

Rec & Park welcomes community feedback. You can forward any comments or suggestions to

Recreation Model

The Department underwent a re-organization of their recreation model. It is through this re-organization that they hope to provide recreation that is driven by community demand, ensures that the quality of programming meets expectations and allows employees to focus on the work they do best. Started on August 16, 2010 and unveiled at Back to Rec night on

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Wednesday, September 29, the model does make significant changes our park users should know about.

Download a PDF of the power point explanation that given at the Recreation and Park Commission Meeting for more information.

Rec & Park Commission Meetings

The Recreation and Park Commission has amended its bylaws, changing its regular meeting time as well as by adding both a capital committee and an operations committee. This schedule has not yet gone into affect (start date is January 2011), but the schedule will be as follows:

  • Capital Committee: First Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm at City Hall
  • Operations Committee: First Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm at City Hall
  • Full Commission Meeting: Third Thursday of each month
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    at 2:00 pm at City Hall

All meetings are open to the public. This change to the commission meeting’s schedule was with the goal of allowing the community more time to comment on projects that the Recreation & Parks Department is working on before they come to the full commission. For complete details regarding Recreation and Park Commission meetings, go to

Note: November 3, 2010 Commission Meeting will be at 2pm, not the regularly scheduled 4pm time. This time change is not in line with the amendment to the Commission Schedule.

FY 09-10 Park Scores

The Controller’s Office just released their FY 09-10 Parks Maintenance Standards Report. Click here to read RPD staff recommendations based on the newly released data.

Park Conditions Improve For 4th Consecutive Year; Disparities Remain Between Districts

Monday, December 28th, 2009

In December, the City Controller released a report showing that 84.8% of SF public parks received ‘A’ or ‘B’ grades. NPC values the detailed evaluation of our parks, because it allows us to advocate resources where they are needed most. We look forward to partnering with the neighborhoods and RPD in 2010 to address inequities.

December 18, 2009, SAN FRANCISCO—City parks improved for the fourth consecutive year and nearly 85 percent of parks scored A or B grades, according to the City Controller’s Office’s Fiscal Year 2008-09 Parks Annual Report, released this week.

“The Controller’s report is an encouraging indicator that we’re on the right path to providing the type of world-class parks and facilities our citizens expect and deserve,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The report is based on park evaluations conducted throughout the year by Controller’s Office staff as well as Recreation and Park Department managers and supervisors. Evaluators use pre-established park maintenance standards as a guide to grade park conditions and features such as lawns, trees, children’s viagra online usa play areas and benches and tables.

Generally, a score above 85 percent would likely indicate that an individual park is well-maintained and that its features are in good condition. Each park is rated for the features present and the park score is the percentage of elements of each feature that pass the standard.

The citywide average score in FY 2008-09 was 87.3 percent, up from 86.2 percent in FY 100mg viagra or 20mg cialis 2007-08 and 60.5 percent in FY 2005-06, continuing a four-year trend of improvement.

“The evaluation process has been an invaluable tool for our Department and the city as a whole to quantify and examine park conditions,” said Phil Ginsburg, general generic cialis online pharmacy manager of the Recreation and Park Department. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with online pharmacy cialis the Controller’s Office as a way to keep improving our beloved parks.”

The report did find that some of the lower performing parks were in District 10,

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in the southeast portion of the city, although the overall score of the parks in this area of the city has improved more than ten percent since FY 2005-06.

“It’s clear that we have to renew our commitment and invest more resources in District 10,” said Ginsburg.

To read the full report, visit

City Grades Our Parks; Scores Are Up. How Did Your Park Do?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Each year the Office of the Controller for the City and County of San Francisco releases an annual report which examines park “report cards” and Recreation and Parks Department staff compliance with posted maintenance schedules. (View the full report here:

The report, released on February 3rd, 2009, boasts an overall increase in park grades above last year, with a citywide average park grade of 86.2%. However, we know that  RPD is about 200 gardeners short and has $1.7B in deferred capital maintenance needs. Interested to learn your park’s score? Skip straight to the scores by visiting

Many park advocates across the City express frustration with the level of maintenance that their park receives. How does your park’s grade align with your feelings about its maintenance?

NPC has long advocated for detailed park work plans to be developed in conjunction with park volunteers, to remove the mystery of how and when a park is maintained.  With work plans, specific tasks for volunteers could also be identified to supplement the maintenance of the park. We must continue to work toward that goal, especially given the severity of budget cuts that RPD faces this year.

The Controller’s report notes that the City Services Auditor (CSA) found scheduled staff at a park 40% of the time in the 3rd quarter of last fiscal year and 54% of the time in the 4th quarter of the year. RPD staff also checked for compliance with schedules, and rated themselves differently than the CSA did: RPD reported 77% staff schedule compliance in the 3rd quarter, and 66% in the fourth quarter of last year.

Park advocates expect accountability and transparency with respect to park staffing, maintenance and evaluation. The value of grading our parks and verifying staff compliance with posted schedules is to get an accurate understanding of how the park system is performing. Alignment of park system performance with the identification of maintenance and staffing shortages can give clear direction to the community, RPD and elected officials about how to prioritize park improvements.

NPC urges you to view the report and consider how your park’s grade compares to your personal experiences in the park.  Then contact your elected officials, RPD and NPC to communicate your thoughts.

Contact information:
Elected officials:

–Meredith Thomas, Deputy Director

Prop C Compliance Ratings (Park Grades)

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

RPD Park Inspections — How Is Your Park Rated By RPD?

The Recreation and Park Department (RPD) rates parks based upon compliance with Prop C standards. RPD reports that inspections occur twice each year.  To read about the standards used to rate your park, click here.

Park Maintenance Standards Inspection Results by Fiscal Year (FY) Quarter * (Scores)

Park Reports from City Controller’s Office

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Reports from SF Office of the Controller:

FY09-10 6 Month Report

FY 2008-09 Parks Annual Report
In December 2009, the City Controller released a report showing that 84.8% of SF public parks received  ‘A’ or ‘B’ grades.  The report did find that some of the lower performing parks were in District 10, in the southeast portion of the city.  NPC looks forward to partnering with the neighborhoods and RPD in 2010 to address inequities.   To read the full report, visit

FY 2007-08 Parks Annual Report
This report, released February 3rd, provides the results from inspections of all open City parks in fiscal year (FY) 2007-08.  It also discusses RPD’s efforts to use the standards and results to inform operational decisions, and includes recommendations to improve the City’s performance in these areas.

The Controller found that City parks performed better in this year’s ratings.  ­ The citywide average was 86.2 percent, up from 83.7 percent in last year’s ratings.  Differences between district scores decreased, with 8.8 percentage points separating the City’s highest (District 9) and lowest (District 10) scoring districts, better than the 18.1 percentage point difference last year. The report provides six recommendations for RPD to improve the parks standards program and incorporate park inspection results into operational planning.  Click here to read individual park grades. Click here to read a letter about the report from Deputy Director Meredith Thomas.

2009 City Survey
The City Survey measures San Franciscans’ opinions about public services they experience every day- streets, parks, Muni, libraries, public safety, and schools -and other characteristics of the City’s quality of life, such as access to computers and the Internet.

Click here to read the complete survey.  The parks section begins on page 5-1.


This year RPD scored a B-, up from a C+ in 2007, and positive ratings for City parks and recreation programs improved in every category measured.  This is wonderful news–many congrats to the Department!

Other positive highlights for parks included:

  • Positive ratings for the quality of park grounds rose from 57% in 2007 to 66% in 2009.  We already know how hard the maintenance staff works to make the parks shine–it’s great to see them rewarded with higher ratings!
  • Residents who visit parks more frequently are more likely to offer positive evaluations of the City’s parks and recreation programs.
  • Regular usage of City parks is at its highest level since 2002 when residents were first asked about park visitation.
  • 85% of San Francisco residents with children ages 5 or younger have used a City park frequently in the past year (59% at least once a week, 27% at least once a month.)
  • Residents of Districts 6, 10, and 11 were less likely to visit parks at least once a month.

Park Users Survey (2007)
The park survey conducted by RPD in April 2007 was intended to: measure the park user experience on site, characterize San Francisco City park users, provide data on typical park usage patterns, and assess the park maintenance standards against the public’s perception. The survey was administered in 29 City parks and completed by more than 1,300 park users, a cooperation rate of 53 percent.  To read the full survey, click here, or read highlights below.

Specific pages of interest:

  • Page 16 shows that residents of some supervisorial districts are much more likely than others to visit parks in their own district. The opposite is also true – for example, residents of Districts 3, 6, and 11 are significantly less likely than other survey respondents to visit parks located in their own districts.
  • To see a map of park restrooms that need improvement, go to page 28.
  • Page 32 maps the percentage of park users that believe safety should be improved in their parks.


Demographic profile of park survey respondents
• Eighty-four percent of survey respondents were San Francisco residents. Among them, 54 percent have lived in the City for ten years or longer, compared to an estimated one-third of the San Francisco population.
• Almost half (48 percent) were between age 30 and 44.
• Of survey respondents who described themselves as one race or ethnicity, 57 percent said they were white, 18 percent said they were Asian or Pacific Islander, 15 percent said they were Hispanic or Latino, and 4 percent said they were African American.
• Sixty-two percent had incomes of $50,000 or more, and two-thirds had four years of college, an undergraduate degree, or graduate or professional education, compared to 53 percent of San Franciscans.

Park usage patterns
• Sixty percent of park users visit the park at which they were surveyed once a week or more during the dry season (April-October). During the rainy season, 50 percent of visitors visit that frequently.
• Sixty-three percent of surveyed users report visiting other City parks at least once a month.
• The most common reason park users give for visiting a park is to relax (32 percent), followed by using a children’s playground (26 percent) and to walk or jog (22 percent).
• A large majority (65 percent) of users said they choose a park because of the convenience of its location and most users either drive (44 percent) or walk (46 percent) to the park. Only 6 percent said they use Muni to get to the park while 3 percent take their bike.
• Thirty-seven percent of users report spending between one and two hours on site when they visit a park.
• Thirty percent of survey respondents were visiting with family members, 27 percent were accompanied by friends and 15 percent were walking a pet.

Park experience ratings
• Most respondents rated parks as excellent (43 percent) or good (44 percent), while 14 percent gave their park a “fair” rating (12 percent) or a poor/very poor rating (2 percent).
• Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they felt very safe during their park visit while only 6 percent felt unsafe or very unsafe.
• Among park features that need improvements, availability of restrooms (30 percent) and condition of restrooms (23 percent) were the most frequently cited, followed by general cleanliness (18 percent).

Parks, Streets & Sidewalks Report (2006-2007)
Includes Controller’s Office ratings of each park, showing percentage compliance with City Park Standards (see pages 7-11 of report)

City Controller’s Annual Report On Parks, Streets and Sidewalk Maintenance Released

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

The City Controller released its annual report (FY 06-07) on parks and streets on October 25th. For the third year, the City is reporting on performance for parks and streets as measured against established standards. City parks performed somewhat better in this year’s ratings. The citywide compliance rate reached 82 percent in FY 2006-07, up 2 percent from last year. However, some districts in the City still have many parks with poor ratings, and many parks fluctuate in quality due to erratic maintenance.

To download the full report, click here.

To read a news story about the report, click here.

How Do You Rate Park Restrooms? Join the Hundreds Who Have Voiced Their Opinions!

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Restrooms - Pass or Fail?

Would you be relieved to know that there are people in this city who are working toward improving the conditions of park restrooms?

Neighborhood Parks Council has worked with RPD to develop a restroom survey.

Click here for the restroom taskforce survey–it takes less than 10 minutes.

The SFRPD Restroom Task Force is considering changes in restroom designs and operations. Many facilities need to be replaced entirely. Even as current facilities are repaired or renovated, vandalism and graffiti occur with great frequency. The Restroom Taskforce is compiling data including best practices and solutions from other cities, and is designing a revised set of standards for restrooms in San Francisco Recreation & Park Department parks and recreation facilities.

The purpose of this survey is to assist the Restroom Task Force in gathering data needed to improve the overall maintenance, hygiene, safety and security of park restrooms. Your assistance in answering these questions about park restrooms is greatly appreciated. The information collected will be used to gain a better understanding of the usage and problems associated with restrooms in the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department parks and recreation facilities.

There simply is no easy solution to the problem of assuring that San Francisco Recreation & Park Department restrooms are clean, safe, and available. However, your input is a critical first step.

Citizen awareness and involvement is essential to solving this problem! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: Please use ParkScan to report problems in SF Park and Recreation restrooms. In addition to bringing the problem to someone’s attention, the data from ParkScan is useful in advocating for improved conditions.

NPC has started an online forum on this topic. If you would like to express yourself beyond the restroom taskforce survey, then please join the forum (click here) .


As a bonus reward for your interest in this important topic, you may enjoy viewing the PowerPoint show, “Les Toilettes.” Click here to download the show–just click the screen to view each slide.

WARNING: The content of this show may be offensive to some of us with delicate sensibilities. If you are brave enough to use the public restrooms in this city, then we doubt anything you see here will be shocking or disturbing.