Pat Delgado

Pat has been a residence of San Francisco since 1974, and has lived in the Sunny Mission District with her San Francisco-born husband Jimmy since 1988.

As a retired legal secretary and hospitality professional, Pat found that in March of 1999 she had plenty of time on her hands to get involved with the City’s outreach meetings to discuss a potential new park in District 9. The road was long and hard, but the end result is a perfect example of the build it and they will come theory – because since Parque Ninos Unidos (PNU) opened in July 2003, they have not stopped coming. The icing on the cake was the 2004 Beautification Award received from San Francisco Beautiful.

As a new open space advocate, the opening of this new park did not signify the end of this personal journey that began in 1999. Pat continues to work with all her friends in the Recreation and Park Department to ensure PNU remains a clean, beautiful and safe place for all children to enjoy.

The journey’s single-minded focus changed shortly after the park opened, when Pat joined the Neighborhood Parks Council Steering Committee. Again, there was no hesitation when the call came in that 24th Street Mini Park needed help with its capital improvements project, or whenever there are calls to volunteer at Garfield Square Park to keep it green and clean.

The latest chapter to this story includes accepting Supervisor David Campos’s request to represent District 9 at Park and Recreation Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC) meetings.

Pat has now started working with Lower 24th Street Merchants and Neighbors Association to help merchants create, maintain and support a pedestrian-friendly environment for all San Franciscans and tourists to experience and enjoy while shopping and visiting the Heart of the Mission District.