Rachel Russell

Outreach Coordinator / Blue Greenway Area-Wide Plan Project Director

A native of southeast San Francisco, Rachel is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources, where she majored in Conservation and Resource Studies. As a former staff person for Arc Ecology, Rachel served as community outreach coordinator for the Alternatives for Study campaign, educating Bayview residents about the massive impact of the City’s proposed redevelopment of southeast San Francisco. In a shared position with community-based youth nonprofit Literacy for Environmental Justice, Rachel recruited and trained youth leaders to conduct community-based research and advocacy focused on including the youth voice in public policy and urban redevelopment projects.  As a presenter at the 2010 National Training Conference on the Toxic Release Inventory and Environmental Conditions in Communities, she provided recommendations to the US Environmental Protection Agency on ways to improve the Toxic Release Inventory Database in support of environmental justice communities.
As Outreach Coordinator and Blue Greenway Area-Wide Plan Project Director, Rachel engages communities located along San Francisco’s southeastern waterfront in the cleanup and reuse of brownfield properties.  Rachel also coordinates outreach activities for NPC’s Mini-Park Stewards initiative and provides technical support to our park groups. Rachel is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at the University of San Francisco, where her focus is developing the capacity of disadvantaged communities to participate in environmental decision-making.