Alfredo Pedroza

Alfredo Pedroza, is a San Francisco Native, born and raised in both the Mission and the Excelsior neighborhoods of San Francisco.  Alfredo has spent his life building community to effectively address the issues most important to these diverse communities. Most recently, Alfredo served in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services as the Liaison to Districts 9, 11 and the Latino Community.  In his tenure as Liaison, Alfredo was steadfast in his support of economic, social and environmental justice, public safety, community based planning, health access, traffic calming and pedestrian safety, homelessness, and cultural representation through his work with over fifty-five neighborhood, merchant, and park groups, over seventy non-profit and community based organizations, as well as individual constituents.

Prior to joining the Mayor’s Office, Alfredo Pedroza worked for The Trust for Public Land (TPL) as a Senior Project Associate working with a team of talented individuals who worked to preserve large landscapes throughout California, Nevada and Hawaii.  He soon realized in the heat of the real estate building boom that the only way to effectively save and take development pressures off our large wilderness expanses, was to provide quality, safe, clean and green parks in our urban cores.  It was that realization that brought Alfredo to the Neighborhood Parks Council, where he began organizing and training neighborhood residents all over San Francisco to become park stewards and advocates.  Following his passion for environmental and social justice, Alfredo worked with communities of color and traditionally underrepresented groups to take back their communities and reinvigorate their neighborhood parks by becoming active stakeholders in the process.  In his spare time, Alfredo chaired the 24th and York Streets Mini Park revitalization efforts to rebuild this pocket park into an oasis for neighborhood children to play and learn about their community.

Alfredo is a strong believer that “it takes dedication, determination and an ability to dream to make positive change happen in a community and through hard work, community service and service learning we can harness the power of the community to bring about something good”.

Alfredo, a product of City College of San Francisco, transferred to the University of San Francisco, where he earned a Bachelors Degree in International Business and Advertising.

Alfredo currently also sits on the Board of the Mission Learning Center and the Executive Board of Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club.